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You see flies all the time because they’re one of the most common pests in the world. While you might not give them a second thought, flies can carry a wide range of diseases actually over 65, including dysentery and anthrax, according to a recent study. This makes a fly infestation in your home a real concern for your family’s health.


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Flies: The Life Cycle of a Fly

There are four stages to a fly’s life cycle: egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. While the time frame may sound long, the average life of a fly is only about 12 days after it reaches maturity. When you consider that flies eggs hatch in about eight to 20 hours, a fly’s average life span is relatively short. 

If a fly’s life is so short, why are there so many? The reason is that flies lay between 75 and 150 eggs at a time. Since they hatch quickly, it doesn’t take long for them to overpopulate an area. 

Different Types of Flies in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma

There are plenty of species of flies. However, the three most common flies you’ll run into in Missouri are house flies, fruit flies, and horseflies. House flies are the most common. They can be found worldwide but are more abundant in the United States.

Fruit flies, which get their name from the fact that they like to hang around rotting fruits and vegetables, are slightly smaller than the average housefly. Horseflies are the largest of the three. A female horsefly feeds on blood, while a male feeds on the nectar of flowers.

  • House Fly
  • Blow Flies
  • Cluster Fly
  • Fruit Fly
  • Drain or Sewer Fly
  • Fungus Gnats

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The Threat of Flies

In general, most flies don’t seem dangerous. Fruit and house flies don’t even have teeth, so they can’t bite humans. Female horseflies, though, can bite humans. In fact, they’re known to draw blood when they bite. 

Despite that, horseflies are actually the least dangerous. While they can cause physical harm, they aren’t known to carry diseases like other flies. House flies are known to carry salmonellosis, typhoid, and other diseases. Also, fruit flies are known for contaminating healthy food with harmful bacteria that they pick up from rotting food. Flies will vomit all of their stomach matter onto food surfaces before eating, and they often defecate on the surface.


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