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Surprise encounters with mice and rodents are never pleasant, but stumbling upon a small mouse in the middle of the night is the least of your problems compared to the bigger picture. Unfortunately, rodents such as mice and rats can be carriers of many diseases and can pose a serious health risk to humans.

As they make their way through your home, mice and rodents are constantly defecating and urinating. As they do, they contaminate every surface they come in contact with—from your floors to your tabletops, cupboards, and food preparation areas. They spread bacteria and viruses that can make you sick. According to the CDC rats and mice spread over 35 serious diseases. For more information about diseases rodents carry, read the CDC’s information about rodents and the diseases the spread to humans

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Rodents: Keep Rats and Mice from Invading Your Home

While a mouse or rat infestation will usually require professional help to clear, there’s plenty you can do to keep the problem from getting to this stage. 

Here are some simple ideas to keep mice and rats out of your home.


  • Keep Garbage Can Lids Tightly Sealed: Hungry rats and mice will be persistent in trying to get into your garbage cans, but there’s no need to make things easy for them. Make sure both indoor and outdoor cans have tight-fitting lids to keep tempting smells from spreading as much as possible.
    Also, consider fitting seals and latches onto the lids to keep them tightly shut. If rodents can get into a trashcan without any difficulty, they’re likely to treat it as a comfortable shelter as well as source of free food.
  • Clear Away Food Scraps: Both indoors and outdoors, clear away any food leftovers or scraps as soon as possible. Rats and mice can get into your home through surprisingly small holes and cracks, and unattended food lying around is a direct invitation for them to explore.
  • Keep Trashcans Out of Sunlight: Food contained in trashcans left directly in the summer sun will start to rot very quickly, and while the odor this releases isn’t at all pleasant to humans, it’s very attractive to rodents. Don’t give them any encouragement at all to move into your neighborhood.
  • Keep Outdoor Garbage Away from Your Home: Ideally, your outdoor garbage cans should be situated a little way away from your home, or at least away from the windows, doors, and other potential access points. Rats and mice attracted by your trash may decide to investigate the inside of your home while they’re around, and once they’ve found a way inside they can be very difficult to discourage.
  • Wrap Food Securely: Even if your trashcans are secure and carefully placed, it still pays to be diligent about how you put food into them. Always securely seal any leftovers or spoiled food in a plastic or biodegradable bag to keep rodent-friendly smells to a minimum.

Bug-A-West Pest Control will help rid your home and business of Mice and Rodents; call (417) 624-2999.

Prevent Rodent Problems

Properly Seal Trash Bags

Properly Seal Trash Bags

Routine Housekeeping

Routine Housekeeping

Patch Interior and Exterior Holes

Patch Interior and Exterior Holes

Signs You Have A Rodent Problem

Even with all these precautions, you may still be faced with a rodent invasion, and it’s vital to catch the problem early if you want to solve it completely. Stay vigilant for hints of rodent activity in and around your home, such as droppings, unexplained scratches and scrapes, gnawed cables, and signs that your trashcans are being tampered with. 


If you see any of these warning signs, Call Bug-A-Way Pest Control at 417.624.2999 sooner rather than later, as trying to deal with the problem yourself will often let it get out of hand before you succeed.


Mice and Rodent Control

Do you struggle with rodents invading your home or yard? If so, it’s time that you take a stand and contact Bug-A-Way Pest Control. We take great pride in ridding your home of unwanted pests. Contact our friendly staff members to set up an appointment for a trained professional to take care of your Mouse, Rat or Rodent problem in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Call today (417) 624-2999.

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