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Comfortable temperatures during the spring and summer in southwest Missouri invite everyone to enjoy the great outdoors for picnics, parties, and family gatherings. With far better air quality and less pollution than the national average, the area provides memorable outdoor outings. However, pleasant weather conditions attract blood-sucking mosquitoes that spoil the fun for everyone. Still, you can protect your yard with Mosquito Pest Control in Southwest Missouri by Bug-A-Way Pest Control. Some facts about mosquitoes can help you understand the importance of eliminating them.

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Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma Residence are no Strangers to Itchy Mosquito Bites

Most Joplin, MO yards are teeming with vicious insects that bite and ruin a perfectly pleasant day. Some backyard insects are harmless, but mosquitos can spread dangerous diseases like the Zika Virus, West Nile, and Dengue Fever to name a few. Fortunately, there is a solution for killing and repelling insects like mosquitos. Bug-A-Way Pest Control can nearly eliminate the threat of mosquitos in your outdoor spaces. Contact us to find out more about our pet friendly mosquito exterminator solution.

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Mosquito Bite

Mosquito Bite

Mosquito Biting Through Cloth

Mosquito Biting Through Cloth

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How does the mosquito life cycle work?

The four phases of life for mosquitoes include the egg, larval stage, pupa, and adult, and the process takes about 10 days. They can survive for as much as eight months until water activates the life cycle and starts the larval stage.

What types of mosquitoes live in southwest Missouri?

The Asian tiger mosquito and the Culex mosquitoes thrive in the area along with about 50 other species that inhabit the state. All types of the annoying insect can create red bumps and intense itching from a bite that draws blood and sometimes does much more.  Mosquitos can be present almost every month of the year, even in the winter months.

What diseases do mosquitoes spread?

Birds and horses become hosts for West Nile Virus, and Culex mosquitoes can infect people and pets. A bite on an infected animal can let a mosquito deliver it to a person in a cycle of infection. About 20 percent of infected people may experience fever, aches and pains, a rash, vomiting or diarrhea, and severe symptoms may affect about 2 percent. Vaccines and treatments for the virus that has links to encephalitis and meningitis do not yet exist. The Zika virus spreads through a bite from a mosquito, and some Missourians have reported infections. Mosquito Pest Control Southwest Missouri helps control the population of mosquitoes that can produce severe congenital disabilities. Symptoms may show up as a rash, irritated eyes, joint pain, and fever.

Do males and females draw blood?

Male mosquitoes do not draw blood, but females need the protein for egg development. Females can lay 100 eggs or more at one time, often delivering 300 on three different days before she dies.

Do mosquitoes live during the winter?

Except in icy conditions, female mosquitoes can survive the winter. Males die after about 10 days, but females can find shelter from the cold that makes them unable to fly. Under protection in a hollow log or an opening in the ground, they can enter a phase that resembles hibernation for as long as six months.

How far do mosquitoes fly?

The Asian Tiger mosquito can fly a limited distance of about 300 feet, but most other species can travel between 1 to 3 miles. Occasional observances of pool-breeding mosquitoes show distances of up to 7 miles.

Can mosquitoes infect dogs with heartworms?

The parasitic heartworm spreads through mosquito bites, causing severe health issues that can result in lung disease, heart failure, and even a dog’s death. All 50 states have reported heartworm disease in dogs.  Dogs should be on monthly heartworm prevention prescribed by your veterinarian.  However, spraying your outside spaces will help reduce mosquitos in the area as another layer of protection, but heartworm prevention is also necessary for your pet.

What defenses do people have against mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes seem attracted to fragrances, light clothing, your breath, and your body heat, and any of them that you can avoid may increase your defense against getting bitten. Standing water that you may overlook provides a perfect habitat for them, and you can decrease their population by emptying it wherever you find it.

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