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As we move into spring, with warmer weather approaching, the threat of ticks to humans and pets rises. One common question arises: How long can ticks survive without a host?Understanding Tick SurvivalTicks progress through life stages – larva, nymph, and adult – relying on blood meals. But they can also endure periods without a host, […]

As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, the arrival of spring is eagerly anticipated. However, along with the blooming flowers and chirping birds, springtime also brings its fair share of pests. These unwelcome guests can disrupt the tranquility of the season, making it essential to be aware of the potential nuisances that may […]

Winter is often seen as a season of dormancy for many creatures. Trees shed their leaves, animals hibernate, and insects seemingly vanish. However, one persistent question lingers in the minds of those who enjoy the outdoors or have pets: Do ticks die in winter?Seasonal Tick ActivityThe short answer is no; ticks don’t necessarily die off […]

Many people who have sizable yards with a significant population of ticks consider using chickens to control their tick population. This is especially true as tick-borne diseases such as Alpha-Gal Syndrome become more common. After all, why not get rid of the ticks and get some fresh, free-range eggs out of the deal? Below, we’ll […]

There’s been a lot of stir in the last few years about Lone Star Ticks and their ability to cause a potentially dangerous meat allergy. This week, we’ll be getting to the bottom of it, including how you can avoid a nasty bite from a Lone Star Tick. Alpha-gal Syndrome and Lone Star TicksAccording to the […]

For most homeowners and their pets, warmer summer months are an excellent time to get back outside for adventure-filled weekends or a time for working in the yard. Unfortunately, while we all love having fun in the sun, it can also mean flea and tick season is beginning to peak.Although May is Flea and Tick […]