Will a Cat Solve My Mouse Problem?

Cat Hunting Mouse

Cats have been helping humanity control rodent populations for thousands of years. So it’s no wonder that when a rodent problem crops up, people often consider cats an ideal solution. The answer to the question, will a cat solve my mouse problem, has a lot to do with your expectations. Cats are very good at reducing rodent populations and keeping them in check. Before modern rodent control methods, cats were essential to keeping mouse and rat populations low enough to slow or stop the spread of infectious diseases. Today, cats still excel in this role in environments like barns. However, cats are not likely to eliminate a mouse or rat problem entirely by reducing the population to zero. For household mouse infestations, this renders cats an incomplete solution. Modern pest control solutions and professional pest exterminators will be much more effective.

Other Considerations When Using Cat for Pest Control

There are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to get a cat to kill mice.

1. Cats Are Vulnerable to Rat Poison and Traps

If you are using rat poison or traps to help with a mouse problem, this can endanger your cat. Cats can be poisoned by eating rat poison directly or by consuming a rodent that has ingested the poison.

Traps are somewhat easier to use in combination with a cat. Although traditional mouse traps can injure cats, many innovative designs are harmless to your cat. If you’re using dangerous traps, it’s best not to get a cat or else place the traps in an area your cat cannot access.

2. Cats Can Become Infected

Rats or mice that bite your cat could infect it if they are carriers of any nasty diseases. There is also possible your cat could then transmit the disease to you. Additionally, cats can get fleas or ticks from hunting rodents.

3. Cats Cannot Access All Areas

Depending on where mice have taken up residence, your cat may be unable to access them to hunt. Mice often live inside walls, attics, or crawl spaces and may not expose themselves to your cat if they have an easy route to food that the cat cannot access.

The Bottom Line

Cats can make a great supplemental solution for a rodent problem but are unlikely to completely eliminate an infestation. For the complete removal of a rodent population, we recommend letting us put a stop to your infestation with professional methods. At Bug-A-Way, our rodent control treatments are 100% safe and effective for people and pets and will solve your pest problem.

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