Starting an Annual Pest Prevention Service Plan for Interior and Exterior

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Did you know that pest control can be a hassle-free job if you work with a local pest control expert in the four-state region? But unfortunately, the sad truth is bug populations will only increase in number as we crawl closer to our hot summer months.

Unfortunately, living with bugs is a necessary evil, but there are ways to manage the presence of insects and other pesky critters inside and outside your home. Your best protection is a year-round pests plan from an expert pest control team in the four-state area.

These highly skilled service providers are specialists in keeping bugs and rodents away. Whether a property owner or a rental property manager, a pest prevention plan is often your only solution.

Whole Protection From Pests

To have any creature trucking through your home with more the four legs is the stuff of nightmares. Although, some four-legged critters are better off staying outside. Insects and rodents are destructive to a home, inside or out. 

Rodents are notorious for carrying many diseases that humans and animals can contract. These creatures are also highly destructive and can chew through almost anything.

While other pests are more infamous than others, mosquitoes can carry heartworms. A life-threatening parasite that is harmful to family pets. Just the idea of a parasite can make anyone squeamish.

For some people, getting visits from some pesky vermin and bugs means getting a whole protection plan. An Annual Pro Plan is a full-service pest defense program as a family first prevention services plan.

Pest Protection Plans

Most pest protection plans are tiered. Beginning with an essential plan based on your unique infestation problems. After that, each tier will include a specialized service.

For instance, the primary pest control plan offered by the team at Bug-A-Way involves six general pest services. One interior sweep and five exterior sweeps to protect your home.

A basic pest service plan will encompass the following:

  • Clearing cobwebs (within reach)
  • Strategically placed rodent bait
  • Interior and exterior pest elimination around the perimeter of your home 
  • Safe and effective long-term treatment
  • Hassle-free scheduling
  • Re-treatment warranty (part of a satisfaction guarantee)

For each consecutive tier, they include an additional service. For example, a plus plan will consist of termite protection. Bug-A-Way will treat these highly destructive creatures with Sentricon, a subterranean termite control designed to eradicate colonies of termites.

More Pro Pest Protection

If you sign up for Bug-A-Way’s pro pest control plan, they honor everything included in their plus plan but add a mosquito guard to reduce up to 90% of the pesky little fliers.

You can also ask about pest problems not included in their existing tier of plans; you can always talk about add-ons for your home protection plan or an extended service plan for your business.
To learn more about Bug-A-Way’s pest control services for ants, cockroaches, spiders, silverfishes, cluster flies, centipedes, wasps, mites, bed bugs, and much more, give them a call today.