Quick Answers: Do Sugar Ants Bite?

Black Ant

Sugar ants, also known as odorous house ants, are a common household nuisance. These tiny invaders often make their way into our homes in search of food, and they seem particularly drawn to sweet treats. As they scurry across our countertops and pantry shelves, one question often comes to mind: do sugar ants bite?

The short answer is yes, sugar ants can bite, but let’s delve deeper into this tiny menace and explore the details.

Sugar Ant Behavior

Sugar ants are small ants, typically ranging from 2.4 to 3.3 millimeters in length. They get their name from their attraction to sugary substances. These ants are often brown or black and can be found throughout the United States, including the Four States.

The Mandibles of Sugar Ants

Like most ants, sugar ants have mandibles, which are the paired jaws near the front of their heads. These mandibles are used primarily for carrying and manipulating food, but they can also be used defensively. When provoked or threatened, sugar ants can bite with their mandibles.

The Bite of Sugar Ants

While sugar ants do possess the ability to bite, their bites are generally not very painful or harmful to humans. In most cases, if a sugar ant bites you, you may not even feel it or might experience a mild, brief discomfort similar to a tiny pinch. These ants are not equipped with venomous stingers like some other ant species, such as fire ants.

Why Sugar Ants Bite

Sugar ants typically bite when they feel threatened or cornered. They use their mandibles to grip onto the source of the perceived threat, which may include a human finger if they feel cornered or pressed against the skin. However, their bites are not aggressive, and they usually bite as a last resort in self-defense.

Ant Extermination

Although their bites are mostly non-threatening, sugar ants are nevertheless a major household nuisance, especially in kitchens. After all, nobody wants to have to throw food after finding ants in it. If you’re in Joplin or Springfield, Missouri, or reside anywhere in the Four State area, we can solve any sugar ant infestation you may be dealing with and offer you peace of mind.

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