Quick Answers: Are Asian Lady Beetles Harmful to Humans?

Asian Lady Beetle

Asian Lady Beetles, sometimes mistaken for ladybugs, are often seen as a nuisance. While they can become quite annoying when they swarm in large numbers, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are harmful. Today, we’ll answer the question: Are Asian Lady Beetles harmful to humans?

Asian Lady Beetles Bite

First, let’s address whether Asian Lady Beetles bite. The short answer is yes, they do. However, Asian Lady Beetles do so infrequently, and it is nonvenomous. So, on this element of the question, it’s really up to you to determine how much of a nuisance to consider them.

Asian Lady Beetles Are NOT A Health Risk

While Asian Lady Beetles can make a pesky swarm, there is no evidence that they spread disease or harm humans in any way (aside from their nonvenomous bite).

Asian Lady Beetles Leave Stains

One aspect that may cause Asian Lady Beetles to become a nuisance worthy of pest control is their infestation of households. When they appear in large numbers, you may notice nasty yellow stains left by Asian Lady Beetles. If they are causing damage to your home, and you would like help getting rid of them, we can help!

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Asian Lady Beetles Can Help Your Garden

Asian Lady Beetles can help eliminate garden pests like mites and aphids. If Asian Lady Beetles appear in limited numbers in your garden, you may consider letting them be. On the other hand, if they swarm to unacceptable numbers, treatment may be warranted.