Pet Safe Pest Treatments from Bug-A-Way

pet safe pest control

As a pet owner, you likely have no greater concern than keeping your pets safe. At Bug-A-Way Pest Control, we share your concerns. Many of us are pet owners ourselves and inherently understand the need to prioritize pet safety when addressing pest problems. Fortunately, there is no need to take it easy on pests in order to keep your pets safe. At Bug-A-Way, our pest treatments are safe for pets and hard on the bugs.

Avoid Non-Pet Safe Pest Treatments

Although all of our pest treatments are animal and child safe, you should be aware that many pest control chemicals are toxic to pets and can cause serious health problems if ingested or inhaled. Dogs and cats are particularly susceptible to these chemicals because they often explore their environment with their mouths and noses. Additionally, pets’ smaller size and higher metabolism can make them more vulnerable to the effects of these chemicals. Symptoms of poisoning can include vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and even death in extreme cases.

We recommend carefully vetting any provider of pest control services for pet-safe pest treatment procedures. If you use plan to use any chemicals that you have purchased on your own, it’s best to carefully read the label for all toxicity information and, as an added precaution, keep your pets away from the treatment area.

Additional Pet Safety Procedures from Bug-A-Way

At Bug-A-Way, all of our treatments are safe for pets and people. Our sprays do what they’re designed to do: stop bugs in their tracks and leave your life undisturbed. For the sake of caution, when treating your home, we avoid spraying in areas where your pets eat or sleep. It’s always our chief concern to ensure that your pets are safe. But we don’t sacrifice the effectiveness of our treatments. We make sure that we get rid of the pests causing problems.

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