How to Prevent Termite Infestation

Missouri termite

It’s no secret that termites are an extremely destructive kind of insect. Each year, these pests deal millions of dollars of damage to wooden and wood-framed structures. So, it’s best to prevent a termite infestation before it ever begins. But how can you do that? We’ll answer that question below.

Make Your Property Undesirable to Termites

The dominant species of termite in the Four States is the subterranean termite. As suggested by the name, these insects live primarily underground. Since termites feed on cellulite found in wood and live in the ground, the most important thing to monitor your property for are points where wood contacts the soil. Be sure not to bury wood or brush in your yard, and keep any wood on your home from touching the ground. Next, termites require moisture. They are particularly attracted to damp or rotting wood. If any such material exists in and around your home, act immediately to clear it.

Recognize Termites

Termite colonies are organized into castes, which are divisions in the roles performed in the colony. These castes radically affect how a termite looks. A termite’s size, color, and shape are all determined by the caste to which it belongs.

1. Reproductives

Termites in the reproductive caste are, as the name implies, dedicated to reproducing for the colony. The queen and king mate and lay all the eggs to grow and sustain the colony. Another type of reproductive is called an alate and is also referred to as a swarmer. These termites grow wings and will fly out of a colony in a “swarm,” mate and move on to begin their own colonies as kings and queens. The swarm is one of the most visible evidence of a termite colony’s existence.

2. Workers

Workers make up the majority of members in a colony. Sporting large jaws resembling shears, these are the termites that actually do the chewing. Their powerful jaws allow them to take tiny bites of any wood material they run into, destroying it over time. Worker termites are tasked with foraging for the colony. They also groom and feed termites from other castes.

3. Soldiers

Soldier termites have only one task: to defend the colony. Their oversized mandibles help distinguish them from other termites. Because of their mandibles, soldier termites are incapable of caring for themselves. Soldiers are fed and groomed by workers.

Schedule Regular Treatments and Inspections

Beyond reducing termite habitat, additional practical steps to defending your property include regular termite treatments and inspections. A regular inspection ensures that extermination treatments can begin immediately if any termites are present in your home. Additionally, regular termite treatments ad a layer of protection to your home, dissuading a colony from ever taking up residence on your property. 

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