Beat the Heat and the BUGS at Your Lakehouse!

Grand Lake Ok Pest Control

There’s no way around it. A major heat wave has set in around the four states. That means many of us will be headed down to Grand Lake to beat the heat. But what about beating the bugs? Lakehouses and other vacation residences are particularly vulnerable to insect and spider infestations. Let’s look at some of the bugs you may have to worry about in and around your home and how we can help you get rid of them!

Spiders in Your Lakehouse

Spiders like to set up shop near bodies of water, which poses a problem for your lakehouse. Additionally, spiders are attracted to areas that aren’t frequented by people on a daily basis, such as a lakeside vacation home. While some spiders around your property will actually help control undesirable insects, most of us draw the line at having spiders in the house. This is especially true if we’re talking about brown recluses or black widows that have a dangerous bite.


Termites like two things above all: moisture and wood. Most lakehouses are wood-framed and are surrounded by plentiful moisture and other sources of wood, a perfect storm for expensive property damage from termites. Some preventative measures you should take include keeping piles of firewood away from your house and ensuring proper drainage away from the home. But to comprehensively safeguard your lakehouse, termite treatments are a must.

Wasps & Hornets

Wasps and hornets love to take up residence in open outdoor structures like covered porches and dock houses. And none of us like having to fend off these nasty stinging insects during the family Labor Day cookout. Wasp treatments are essential if you want to keep your lake residence free of these summertime pests.


Ants are also attracted to moisture. If your lakehouse has poor drainage around the foundation, it will likely become host to pesky ant colonies, especially if there is food in your home. Preventative measures include keeping overgrowth away from your home’s perimeter, ensuring proper drainage, and keeping any food sealed tightly. We strongly recommend regular ant treatments in addition to preventative measures.


These blood suckers are a constant nuisance during the warmer months. You can reduce the population of mosquitos by draining any stagnant water around your home. Of course, that won’t eliminate mosquitos entirely, and you will likely still need mosquito treatments to get maximum relief.

Pest Control in Grand Lake, Oklahoma

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