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Spiders are a constant presence inside homes in the Four States, and while many species are merely a nuisance, some spiders are legitimate health risks. Whatever your causes for wanting to get rid of spiders in your home, rest assured there are concrete steps you can take to reduce the spider population. Below we will […]

Every technician at Bug-A-Way is trained and certified with all governing organizations before they begin working in their positions treating houses and businesses. It is our first priority at Bug-A-Way to make sure that our staff are all top-notch trained professionals. It’s all part of our dedication to making customer satisfaction our number one goal.The […]

Do you share your home with pets, but also need your house treated for pests. You may be wondering how your pet may be affected. At Bug-A-Way, we understand the concern and always prioritize your pet’s safety. When we come to treat your home for termites, mice, fleas, spiders, or any other pest, we keep […]