Bug-A-Way Treatments Are Safe for Pets

pet safe pest control

Do you share your home with pets, but also need your house treated for pests. You may be wondering how your pet may be affected. At Bug-A-Way, we understand the concern and always prioritize your pet’s safety. When we come to treat your home for termites, mice, fleas, spiders, or any other pest, we keep your pet safe. Below we’ll detail what you can expect from a Bug-A-Way treatment. 

Our Sprays and Treatments Are Safe for Pets

At Bug-A-Way, all of our treatments are safe for pets and people. Our sprays do what they’re designed to do: stop bugs in their tracks and leave your life undisturbed. 

We Avoid the Areas Where Your Pets Eat and sleep.

For the sake of caution, when treating your home, we avoid spraying in areas where your pets eat or sleep. It’s always our chief concern to ensure that your pets are safe. But we don’t sacrifice the effectiveness of our treatments. We make sure that we get rid of the pests causing problems.

If you have more questions about individual treatments or want to schedule a treatment with us, visit us at Bugawaypc.com. We’re always happy to talk about any concerns you may have.