Bug-A-Way Technicians Are Certified

pest control technicians are certified

Every technician at Bug-A-Way is trained and certified with all governing organizations before they begin working in their positions treating houses and businesses. It is our first priority at Bug-A-Way to make sure that our staff are all top-notch trained professionals. It’s all part of our dedication to making customer satisfaction our number one goal.

The Certification Process

1. Pass 2 Week NPMA Certification Program

Each of our staff begins their position by going through a two-week certification program from the National Pest Management Association. The course covers everything they’ll need to know about safe and responsible pest control practices. They’ll study hard in preparation to get out there and start real-world training.

2. Apply for State Background Check and Certification

After completion of the two-week NPMA program, trainees will apply to the state for a mandatory background check and trainee certification. The trainee certification authorizes them to begin pest control work under close supervision.  

3. Work Under Close Supervision for 1 Year

Once a trainee has passed their state background check and received a trainee certification, they’ll hit the road with one of our pest control professionals. There they’ll get the opportunity to start practicing their new profession under guidance. At this point, they’re well on their way to a fulfilling career in pest control. During their career, they’ll save countless homeowners from costly termite damage and all kinds of nasty rodents and bugs.

4. Take State Test

They’ve spent a whole year working under supervision, and now it’s time to take everything they’ve learned and apply it to the state certification test. When they pass, they’re ready to handle treatments for all sorts of pests on their own.