Top Tips to Turn Away Termites

The tiny terrors known as termites can wreak havoc on homes, eating away at any wood, wallpaper, and flooring in sight. They’re one of the biggest financial risks to homeowners, costing Americans upwards of $5 billion a year in property damages.

However, there are some handy precautions to help ward them off.

Keep Your Home Dry

No matter the species of these creepy crawly home destroyers, they all gravitate towards moist conditions. This means any damp place around your home can provide the perfect environment for termites to set up camp. Inside, make sure to fix leaking faucets and pipes right away. Air conditioning units and humidifiers can also be prone to wetness given their purpose, so make sure there’s no excess moisture by checking these appliances regularly.

Watch Your Wood

Fast-acting termites love to munch away at anything wood or fiber-based. Most homes are framed and built on wood, which is why they're a perfect target for these persistent pests. Flooring, furniture, and paper-based decor are also tasty treats for them. Don’t forget your wood products outside as well. Whether it’s your winter woodpile or wood-based tools, make sure they’re covered and kept stored when not in use.

Start at the Bottom

The foundation of your home is one of the most susceptible areas for termite damage. Termites find joists very tasty, and once they are destroyed by these crawly critters, the repair and extermination can be very costly. Keep a close eye on your basement, especially around the windows and weatherstripping. Routinely look for uneven and/or bubbling paint and wood which sound hollow when tapped.

Even with these helpful tips, termites can be present for up to three years before they feed. Get an inspection and peace of mind from one of our knowledgable technicians at Bug-A-Way Pest Control. Book an inspection by calling 417.624.2999 today.