5 Tips for Preventing Household Pests During Winter

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As we enter the coldest months of the year, homeowners get a break from some pests, but other types of household nuisances intensify. As it gets colder outside, your nice warm home looks more attractive to these pests. So, this week we’ll discuss mitigating pest infestations during the winter months.

1. Store Food Properly

During wintertime, food sources are more difficult for pests of many kinds, but especially rodents, to find. Store food in closed containers, cabinets, or in the fridge for pest prevention. Persistent rodents can access food in cabinets, which is unlikely to occur unless you have an infestation. If counters and floors are kept clean, it is less likely that opportunistic rodents will start a family in your home.

2. Watch for Signs of Rodent Activity

Remember to watch for signs of rodent activity, so the presence of rodents can be dealt with early. The telltale signs of rodent presence are droppings and chewed food containers. It’s especially important to monitor outbuildings that are near your home. Infestations in outbuilding can rapidly move into the house itself. Place traps, poison, or call for professional assistance if rodents take up residence on your property.

3. Store Firewood Away from the House

Firewood provides ample cover for insects, spiders, and rodents. Woodpiles provide an especially good habitat for rodents. A warm, humid, and slightly decaying wood stack can also provide a perfect place for termites to thrive. It’s best practice to keep your firewood stash at least 20 feet away from your home. 

4. Seal Holes and Cracks in Your Home

Examine the perimeter of your home for gaps, cracks, and holes in your siding. Even small gaps can provide an opportunity for vermin to gain entry into your home. If you find structural damage underneath the siding, particularly in the form of rotten wood, you should make repairs as soon as possible. 

5. Vacuum Near Entry Points

Regularly vacuum around windows and doors. This will suck up insects and spiders that have crept into your home, as well as pick up dust and debris that may make your home more inviting to pests. In addition, it may help to apply caulking to any gaps that you see around your windows. 

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Prevention is an important first step to rodent, insect, and spider control. However, even good prevention can sometimes fail to keep out unwanted vermin. At Bug-A-Way, we have 40+ years of experience keeping four state homes free of pests.

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