4 Reasons to Get an Annual Services Plan from Bug-A-Way

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Are you sick of dealing with pests in your home every year? Each season brings its own pests to the four-states region. Bug-A-Way Pest Control offers cost serving annual service programs to keep you and your property safe from pests year-round. Below we’ll discuss four reasons to consider signing up for a Pest-A-Way Plan.

1. Termites Cost Homeowners Millions of Dollars

Each year countless homes across the United States fall prey to termites. Termites are hard to detect yet highly destructive. Termites feed on cellulose which they find in the wood your house is constructed out of. One year of termite activity undetected, can do thousands of dollars of damage to your most valuable possession, your home. In extreme cases of termite damage, the structural integrity of an entire house can be compromised. Subscribing to a Pest-A-Way Plus plan will guarantee that your home is treated for these devastating insects on a yearly basis

2. Ticks and Mosquitoes Spread Disease

There’s nothing quite like spending a nice warm evening in the backyard. Except, of course, when you’re being eaten alive by disease ridden pests. Pest-A-Way Plans make sure your property is treated at the right time of year for each nasty creature, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Mosquitoes and ticks are public enemy number one when it comes to insects that spread disease. Mosquitoes are well known for being vectors for certain types of diseases such as yellow fever or malaria. And ticks, well we’ve all heard of Lyme disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control, some of the symptoms include “fever, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle and joint aches, and swollen lymph nodes…”  Lyme disease usually is accompanied by a nasty rash. Another condition, Alpha-gal syndrome, is spread by the Lone Star tick and makes victims allergic to red meat such as beef and pork, according to the Mayo clinic.

3. Some Household Spiders Have a Dangerous Bite

Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma are home to two well-known household spiders with a dangerous bite: the brown recluse and the black widow. 

The brown recluse has a preference for indoor secluded spaces and is frequently found in dark closets or storage spaces. When a brown recluse bites, you may not be aware at first. Within about six hours of the bite, you will begin to experience soreness and pain. The venom of the recluse breaks down tissue around the bite, creating a painful blister within 10-14 days. If untreated, tissue will continue to degrade and infection can spread in the blister. 

The black widow’s bite is painful and somewhat more serious than a brown recluse bite, but generally not fatal. Some people experience difficulty breathing and muscular stiffness as a result of the bite. It is important to seek medical attention if bitten by a black widow. Black widows can be found indoors and outdoors. 

4. Rodents are a Health and Safety Risk

Perhaps human civilization’s worst enemy, rats and mice spread disease. While many of the most horrific diseases spread by rats in previous centuries have been contained, thanks to a better understanding of sanitation and medical science, controlling rodent populations continues to be a chief health and safety imperative. The CDC reports that rats and mice carry over 35 serious diseases. Pest-A-Way Plans are your way to make sure your house is protected from rodent infestation at all times.

In addition to disease, rats and mice also cause property damage. They are in the habit of chewing through walls, tearing up furniture for nesting materials, and chewing through your home’s wiring. In the event that mice chew through your home’s wiring, your home can be put at risk of a fire breaking out. 

Bug-A-Way Annual Service Plans

At Bug-A-Way, we offer three tiers of annual services plans to fit your home’s needs. If your house is experiencing a pest problem currently, or you are trying to prevent one in the future, these plans offer excellent value and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is secure. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a Bug-A-Way pest plan:

  • Hassle free scheduling
  • Free follow up visits if a pest problem crops up
  • Technicians fully trained in safe application of pest control chemicals.
  • Technicians fully trained in complete pest elimination

You can learn more about our Pest-A-Way plans here.