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Featured Pest: Termites
Termites usually swarm in spring, but swarms can occur at any time of the year. The primary productives swarm and start new colonies. Supplementary reproductives can only reproduce in their own colony. They assist with population growth of the colony. 


Doug is the founder and owner of Bug-A-Way Pest Control, LLC. He is state certified and trained. With his 31 years of experience, Doug has extensive knowledge of the pest control industry and enjoys working with customers to solve their pest control problems.

Doug Hansen - Owner / Operator

Rorie is state certified and has been in the pest control industry for 4 ½ years. His father is the founder of Bug-A-Way Pest Control, LLC. Therefore, Rorie has been around the pest control industry all his life and has extensive knowledge in the areas of pest management and prevention. Rorie enjoys working with his dad and is honored that he will get to continue the family business.

Rorie Hansen - Technician

Wes has been with Bug-A-Way Pest Control since 2012 and has lived in the Neosho area for over 30 years. Wes is state certified and specializes in termite and insect control. He enjoys working with customers to solve their pest control problems.

We have a very experienced staff to assist you with your pest control needs. Each one has undergone background checks, certification and ongoing education on the latest information regarding pest control.

Wes Davis - Technician

Mel has worked for Bug-A-Way Pest Control, LLC since 2007. She enjoys working closely with her husband, and also looks forward to dealing extensively with customers. Mel specializes in office and route management.

Mel Hansen - Office Manager